The Festival
OUMSIYAT Zahle International Festival

Charming in every way, the city of Zahle decided to capture the world’s attention this summer by launching its first ever international festival under the name of “Oumsiyat Zahle”, turning the city nights into a space of joy and encounter.

A mere idea at start, the international festival became a reality thanks to the cooperation of the citizens of Zahle and the region and its municipality, as well as their conviction that Zahle deserves an event of such scale.

Holding an international festival and catering for big crowds of guests, tourists, and visitors in the best possible conditions are no challenges for Zahle. Thanks to the determination of its people, associations, municipality, and businesses to make it a top international tourist destination, as well as its commercial and traditional souks, cafés, hotels, high towers, and its worship places including historical churches and mosques, Zahle makes the perfect host city for such an event.

Celebrating its unique international festival in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and its municipal council, Zahle Municipal Park has been chosen as the official festival venue given its accessibility, the availability of 4 nearby parking lots, and its seating capacity of over 2,000 people.

In addition to its enriching program, the festival is organized in conformity with the international standards set for such events, and it includes recreational and cultural activities for kids and adults, as well as special corners for painting, playing musical instruments, and exhibiting traditional foods throughout the festival, all of which abide by eco-friendly conditions.

“Oumsiyat Zahle” also holds many surprises, with each evening having its own exclusive flavor.

Serving first and foremost the interests of Zahle and its community, the festival will not only fulfill the city’s dream of signing its name on an international festival, but will also promote and showcase Zahle’s touristic credentials by attracting more locals and a new international crowd. Additionally, it will boost the city’s economy, create job opportunities for its citizens, as well as convey the beautiful image of its heritage and its human and economic capacity to keep up with the requirements of today’s modern life.

The Festival’s Committee

MAGDA RIZK President

ILHAM ZANATY Vice-President

PAOLA RIZK Treasurer

MICHEL ABOU ABOUD General Secretary